To transcend everyday challenges.

Minding thoughts, meeting goals, making dreams.

ancillary, Concierge, & liaison SERVICES.

Receive HELP WITH:

  • Esteem and self-actualization.
  • ​Breaking through creative road blocks.
  • Setting goals and expectations that are achievable. 
  • Staying focused, on track and meeting deadlines, turning ideas into reality.
  • and so much more.

free 1-hour CONSULTATION.  


  • Artist, athletes, small businesses, entrepreneurs, company employees.  
  • Senior citizens, veterans, those living with disabilities, city workers. 
  • College students, high school & junior high school students with a 3.5gpa & up.


Inside the mind, body & spirit, is the most complete, practical & personalized game plan of them all.

MY REGION WINS!, was established in 2014 with one main goal in mind - to 'habilitate' game plan(s).

MY REGION WINS!, is creative, thought-provoking, insightful and always forward-thinking.

Empowering YOU to DREAM BIG.

“If your Bruce Wayne has a Batman, let MY REGION WINS! be your Alfred." 
- Carl Stafford, Founder & President


  • September 2015 received 501c3 tax exempt status.
  • December 2015 was donated a 1995 Toyota Camry and a 1997 Nissan pickup truck.
  • June 2016 was approved to obtain a vacant lot  to be turned into Boon Area 1.
  • October 2016 was donated a second vacant lot  to be turned into Boon House 9.
  • 2016 held 3 fundraising/networking events.

In-house Projects:
(Sponsors needed)

  • Boon Area 1.  Turning a vacant lot into a contemporary community garden.
  • Boon House 1.  Turning a vacant lot into a contemporary home garden.
  • Repair our vehicles.  Making the pickup a work truck and the Camry a concierge's vehicle.

In the works​​

  • Acquiring more blighted/vacant lots & houses, turning them into Boon Areas & Boon Houses. 
  • MY REGION WINS!  The Making of a Mega Metropolis.  An online web-series.
  • Studio A.  Obtaining a building and turning it into an art studio.
  • The Verses Games.  DISTRICT YOU vs MY REGION WINS! (Games to be announced).
  • *The FEED.  2,000 meals a week for 1 year.

​*Monday-Friday: 3 meals a day (35 meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner).
*Saturday and Sunday: 2 meals a day (53 meals at brunch and dinner).


Certified Interns and Volunteers


(Say MY REGION WINS! sent you.)

Black Sky Radio  

  • www.blackskyradio.com - 816.256.2110

Eric Cartwright's Custom Tree Care 

  • www.treeserviceskc.com - 816 216-6678

Friends & Family Collision Repair

  • www.fandfcollisionrepair.com - 816 483-9697

Servant of Service: Refrigeration, A/C & Heating Repair 

  • 816.861.6522