Boon Area 1: (Located at 3400 E 72nd & Indiana)
Turning a vacant lot in a business-zoned area into a contemporary community gardens. 


Oriental gardens meets pocket-park meets picnic shelter meets outdoor work space with recycle bids, Wi-Fi etc.  

To beautify a business-zoned area in Kansas City, Missouri.


  • A clean & revived business-zoned area, that will attract other businesses.
  • Consumers coming to the area.
  • A beautified environment.

Boon Area 1 will be membership based.  Members will be able to come reserve an enjoyable environment & utilize the resources provided.  Boon Area 1 will also provide volunteering opportunities, hold demos, events, functions, & seminars.  Community based events will be incorporated once a strong core is built.

Once Boon Area 1 is complete & understood, the goal is to have Boon Areas throughout the Kansas City region.  Obtaining & beautifying blighted/vacant land.  Each Boon Area will be different and have a uniqueness to them.

Boon Area 1 needs: (YOU)
Boon Area 1 needs 2/16’ high walls, 2/20’ high walls, & the layout built.   The waterlines & electrical lines also need to be reconnected, solar panels & generator(s) installed.  Having volunteers be a part of building Boon Area 1 is preferred.  A contractor that agrees to allow volunteers to help build Boon Area 1 is needed.

Boon Area 1 hours:

  • By Appointment Only.
  • Walk-ins when not reserved.
  • Shared and/or Private Reservation Only.
  • Overnight stays available upon request.

Turning the vacant, rundown houses into Boon Houses; think bed & breakfast meets art incubator are in the works.

A multidisciplinary (501c3) nonprofit organization.