In-House Projects: (Dates are subject to change)

  • Boon Area 1. (Fall 2017)

Turning a vacant lot into a contemporary community garden.

  • Boon House 1. (Fall 2018)

Turning a vacant lot into a contemporary detached house or home garden.

  • Team DISTRICT YOU vs Team MY REGION WINS!, Games.

​Games and location to be announced.

  • The ‘Good Samaritans’ Rewards System.  (TBA)

A type of point-system dedicated to our targeted market.

  • The Donor's Perk Card.  (TBA)

​​A card dedicated to our donors who contribute on a monthly basis.

  • MY REGION WINS!, Making of a Mega Metropolis.  (TBA)

​A web-series documenting MY REGION WINS!'s journey.

  • MY REGION WINS!, Summer Comedy Tour (Summer 2018)

A regional comedy tour showcasing local talent.


​​150 meals a day M-F (50 for breakfast, 50 for lunch, and 50 for dinner).

100 meals a day Sat. & Sun. (50 for brunch, and 50 for dinner).

Totaling 950 meals a week, 3,800 meals a month, and 45,600 meals a year.​​​