A multidisciplinary (501c3) nonprofit organization.


Boon Area 1.  contemporary ​community gardens.

Renaissance the west-side of district 5.  District Map

MY REGION WINS! The making of a Mega Metropolis.  A web-series documentary. 

PROJECTS to come.

MY REGION WINS! wants to...

Host events, functions, community & neighborhood meetings, seminars, comedy shows, concerts, plays, exhibitions, sporting events, meet & greets, holiday celebrations, game nights, book clubs, conferences, training orientations, certifications, expos, other group forum conventions & types of spectacles to name a few.  Field trips & tours to experience the world & have the world experience us.

College Scholarship Fund Giveaway:  Once a year, last Friday of April. 

For those interested in attending college at any of the local colleges in Kansas City, Missouri.

Health, Happiness, & Music Festival:  Once a year, last weekend in August.  

A health drive & music festival.  A ‘roll, run, or walkathon’ while offering massage booths, physicals, basic health checkups, donate blood vehicles & other healthy/good services at the event. 

Followed by a Health, Happiness, & Music Tour.  Dates & locations TBD.

Veterans Week:  November 6th-12th.

A week long celebration for those that have served for our freedom.

End of Year Fundraiser:  Once a year, last 2 months of the year.

Raising money to continue to carry out MY REGIONS WINS! mission.

Mobile application & updated version of website.

Providing members easier & faster access to information & resources, first to know updates & discounts.

MY REGION WINS! Kickball Game (In Swope Park).

Starting with 1 game & 2 teams the first year then adding teams & more games yearly as the league grows.

MY REGION WINS! Public & Private Transportation.

Public transportation that runs east & west from Raytown Rd to Stateline. 

Examples: 95th, 83rd, 75th, 71st, 63rd, 59th, 47th.

Private transportation to help our members get around the city & scout the city.

Boon Area 1 Organic Bicycle-Sharing & Repairing with bike shelter.
Cyclist who frequently bike up & down Gregory Boulevard & through Swope Park will have a rest & repair area.  The community will have a place to share (if wanting to) & repair their bicycles.
MY REGION WINS! will allow bikes we have & are donated, that have been microchipped to be used by the public.  Kansas City B-cycle will have a location to place one of their bike racks/stations in the future.
We will be turning this area into a productive & networking part of the city.  Creating a self-sufficient, organic, transportation networking system.   That will be fun, productive & a convenient alternative way to move around Kansas City, Missouri.

Good-Samaritan Reward System
Rewarding Good-Samaritans.  Allowing Good-Samaritans to redeem points they earned for doing good acts.  Like at an arcade gift shop where one can turn in their tickets they won to get a prize.

Think the opposite of the ‘Criminal Justice System’.  Instead of 'seeks justice' & for 'criminals' we will be seeking to 'reward Good-Samaritans'.

Good-Samaritan Photo ID Cards (like those at casinos) will be created to keep track of individual’s points that are earned & redeemed.  The Good-Samaritan Photo ID Card will also be required to enter facilities owned by MY REGION WINS! "don’t leave home without it."  Those that can give points (called Givers) will have small, hand-held scanner devices that will be able to scan ID cards to add points.  Givers will be given an agreed upon number of points (for their donation) to be given out each month.  Creating a Good-Samaritan coupon-book (& in the future a catalog) will help with the Good-Samaritan Reward System.      


  • (50 points = $1).
  • MY REGION WINS! is donated a item worth $500.  The donor receives a receipt for $500.   
  • A Good-Samaritan would need 25,000 points to obtain the item.

A Good Samaritan can earn points by:​

  • Interning and/or volunteering at MY REGION WINS! or with any local nonprofit organization or local business that is afflicted with MY REGION WINS!
  • Being a student at a local school or college that is affiliated with MY REGION WINS!
  • Being employed by or with a local company that is affiliated with MY REGION WINS!
  • A Good-Samaritan can be given points from police & fire officers, paramedics, city judges, & other credited officials & parties affiliated with MY REGION WINS!; when seen going out of their way to do good.

5A's (Academics, Arts, Athletics, Awareness, & Application) Academy.  (Year round school). 

Starting with two hundred 9-12 year olds for the first year and adding another two hundred, 9-12 year olds every year after is the goal.  Creating curriculums that focuses mainly on each individual & their strengths & weaknesses.  English, plus a foreign language, math, history, & science classes will be taught.  Young Scholars will select an art to study and an athletic to practice for either 8 or 16 week periods at a time.  Afterward Young Scholars will select another field or continue in selected field.  The ‘Awareness’ will come from hands on experiences, interning, field trips, & volunteering.  The 'Application' will mainly come from the study of the arts & the practicing of athletics.

Open from 5am until 9pm during Daylight Saving Time & will close at 7pm November-March.

  • Breakfast served from 5:30am-7:30am
  • First block classes start at 8am, Young Scholars can enter class as early as 7:30am.
  • Lunch served from 11:15am-1:45pm
  • Second block classes start at 2pm, Young Scholars can enter class as early as 1:30pm.
  • Dinner served from 4:45pm-6:45pm.  Young Scholars are allowed one to-go box.
  • Young Scholars will be able to sign up for after hour stay upon request.

Young Scholars will learn to:

  • Administer CPR and give First Aide.
  • Create books (to be sold).
  • Create a personal logo (to establish a professional identity).
  • Learn what an EIN number along with other basic simple tax laws.
  • Learn about the 6 districts of Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding region.

Each year Young Scholars will test out.  Classes will NOT always be held in a classroom.  Arrangements will be made with local establishments allowing for some certain types of classes to be taught within their place of business.  Interns & volunteers will sign up to become teacher's assistants.  Selected classes will be broadcast live online.  The goal is to cater to each individual Young Scholars as much as possible in order to better help them understand their greatness. 

So they may act on it now.

The Daily Feed.  In documentation & research stages.


Was asked once. 

"How do we develop Troost & points east, in a way that does not simply gentrify Troost?"

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