A multidisciplinary (501c3) nonprofit organization.

MY REGION WINS! is a multidisciplinary (501c3) nonprofit organization that provides ancillary, concierge, & liaison services for our members (see Targeted Market) to benefit them in the pursuit of their dreams.  

Working with dreamers is amazing (it’s a dream).  At MY REGION WINS! the understanding that the dream is to be taken seriously & is a journey to be embarked on is the goal.  Being encouraged to pursue your dreams will be empowering & may have a positive impact on your overall daily life & performance.

Receive help identifying your true dream(s) & help with the obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving those dreams.  Allow MY REGION WINS! to provide the needed critiques & available resources to overcome those challenges.

Think about the following when you think of MY REGION WINS!

  • Donate & come to MY REGION WINS! rather than pay to go to...
  • Donate & spend time being productive rather than time spending money.
  • Donate ideas & creativity rather than plasma.
  • Rather than receive help with an 'addiction’ come to MY REGION WINS! & receive help with dreams.
  • A supplemental thinking, resource-networking, platform.
  • A place where dreams are held, concentrated on & nurtured until their release.

Imagine a place who has just been given the keys to the dream kingdom. This place is poised to become the destination of choice for all new tech dreamers, artist, creative minds, philanthropist & others who dare to DREAM BIG. 

The west-side of district 5 in Kansas City Missouri will be that place. 

Now imagine an influx of creativity like never before seen, not just from the citizens of Kansas City but from out-side sources as well.  What is the main differences between employees & citizens?  Facilities.  

​Some employees have access to state-of-the-art, world class facilities, equipment, software, tools, & etc. 

So by MY REGION WINS! creating this environment.  We will be providing those citizens fitting the targeted market, access to the resources & facilities needed in order to pursue their BIG DREAMS.


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