A multidisciplinary (501c3) nonprofit organization.

Sustainers make THE difference

Show your support for MY REGION WINS! & the mission.  Contributions help MY REGION WINS! grow.

You will be helping increase the impact MY REGION WINS! has in Kansas City, Missouri.   

Thank You.

Funds received go toward the following.

  • The weekly (eventually daily) cleaning & maintaining of Boon Area 1.
  • Creating a payroll for all those involved to be compensated, including interns & volunteers.
  • Insurance & License of Boon Area 1 & the work truck needed to tend to Boon Area 1.
  • The equipment, materials & tools needed to build & maintain Boon Area 1 & future Boon Areas & Boon Houses.
  • A contractor to oversee the building of Boon Area 1 & who will agree to allow interns & volunteers to help with the construction of Boon Area 1.
  • Reconnecting the waterlines & electricity to the property.
  • Monthly bills, like offsite storage unit, insurance, electrical, water, & internet to name a few.
  • Better helping our members, providing them with more of the needed resources to pursue their dreams.
  • Creating more In-house projects that get more people involved.

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Thank you for considering MY REGION WINS! as a nonprofit to support.

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