A multidisciplinary (501c3) nonprofit organization.

Let's make history!

RENAISSANCE the west-side of district 5 in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • North of 435/470 highway.
  • East of Troost Avenue.
  • South of Brush Creek (47thStreet).
  • West of Blue Ridge Blvd. 

There are over 100,000+ people reside & over 2,000 business on the west-side of the 5th district.


There used to be: 

Now there is only one attraction on the west side of the 5th district. 

‘Boon’ is the opposite of ‘blight’.

  • Turning blighted areas & vacant lots into to Boon Areas.  Outdoor multipurpose areas. Think pocket-park meets picnic shelter with recycle bids, Wi-Fi & more.  Each Boon Area will be different & have a uniqueness to them. 
  • Turning the vacant, rundown houses into Boon Houses.  Multipurpose house.  Think bed & breakfast meets work space
  • Again, each Boon House like Boon Areas will be different and have a uniqueness to them.

For now, we are only seeking to obtain properties that are in Business zones.

Boon Area 1 is under construction now & other 'in-house' project will be used to help with the RENAISSANCE.

​Please look at (AND FOLLOW) the MY REGION WINS! Facebook page.  It shows ideas.