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 'MY REGION WINS!  The making of a Mega-Metropolis.'
A web-series, documenting the raise of the west-side of district 5 in Kansas City, Missouri. 

After World War 2, Kansas City, Missouri experienced a large increase of minorities 'directed' to live in inner city (East of Troost as it is known to be).  Many of the wealthy (In the late 1940's) influenced the flight outside the inner city. Moving either west of Troost, North of the River, East of Independence, & south of 435/470hwy.  Causing the divide that exist in Kansas City, Missouri today.

What is happening is none of the large, world-wide, major, 'attractive', companies are coming to the inner city. Stating 'there is no money'.  How is anything ever to better itself when it doesn’t receive, not only help, but means to build something that is sustainable?  Let alone attract & lure reoccurring visitors.

So... MY REGION WINS! wants to start a web-series.  Documentaries on the divide of the city have been done repeatedly. They always make it seem as if what happened was a natural disaster, like a meteor hit the area. Where as to what really happened was more of a ‘systematic’ disaster.

MY REGION WINS! is aware of the past & wants to capture the present to show that things are not as they seem.  MY REGION WINS! has obtained a blighted/vacant lot & have started cleaning it up with the plans of turning it into 'Boon Area 1' A contemporary community garden. 


  • Turn as many of these blight/vacant lots into Boon Areas & the rundown houses into Boon Houses (Contemporary Home Gardens).
  • To beautify & bring attention to the west-side of the 5th district in order to allure visitors & tourist on a regular basis.
  • To empower, make a difference & to make history.

The Web-series:                                                                                                                                
A once a month, 5 to 10-minute series.  Showing those willing, working at Boon Area 1, typing up documents, meeting with people (if the person is ok with it), walking the street getting the word out about the new Renaissance coming to the west-side of the 5th district.  Visiting the night life (lol that’s funny, right?  THERE IS NO NIGHT LIFE), on the major streets like Prospect & Troost mainly.  Just capturing the west-side of the 5th district.  If there are any entertainers that live in the west-side of the 5th district that are willing to allow us to follow them, capturing what they have to go through & where they have to go to perform, while living where they live.

Episode 1: (The Plot)
Opening Scene:  Camera comes up on Boon Area 1 with people working on the lot.

“What are you doing?”  The voice behind the camera would say. 
“MY REGION WINS!” is replayed.

Episode 1 would be a break down/introduction.  Very simple, subtle, just a few people, a vacant lot, & a dream.  Will the city be for or against it?  Will they do what they can or waiting to see it fall by the wayside or be eaten alive.  Who will get involved?  Who will be the heroes, victims, and/or villains?

Seeking Sponsors
If you realize that this is going to be a reoccurring thing (and not a fad or a riot/protest) please help. 

Sponsors will be rewarded.

What do YOU require to partake in this venture? 
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'MY REGION WINS!  The making of a Mega-Metropolis.'
A web-series, documenting the raise of the west-side of district 5 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Coming Spring 2018 on Facebook LIVE.